You may say I’m a dreamer

Our restaurant is flexitarian: over time, we have chosen to reduce meat consumption in order to have less impact on the environment.
We are not good at talking, but we want to say this: we do not want to divide, but to unite through respect and enjoyment. We want to stimulate curiosity and questions in omnivorous people, dispel prejudices and change habits with crazy tastes.

We have always had a 100% veggie and vegetable burger on the menu, and we were the first to cook plant-based meat in Genoa, where we reached the fifty-fifty goal: half of the food served is plant-based.
We also offer vegan pizzas that are not just marinara.
Even in Groove Country in Tortonese, the land of meat, we dared to propose plant-based evenings… and we are still alive!

Out veg dishes are proper recipes, creative, fun, really designed for plant-based eaters They are not side dishes, sad or obvious dishes, nor variations of menu dishes with a changed ingredient, but real recipes with their balance of flavors, which bring joy, different from those you cook every day at home. Sometimes even a bit naughty.
They arouse curiosity, are popular and are also ordered a lot by omnivorous people.

We want to dismantle prejudices, to ensure that plant-based food is not perceived as an exception or an extravagance, or, worse, a limit or a nuisance.

Our plant-based choices


It is a Swiss startup that creates futuristic “chicken not chicken”.

Starting from vegetables and legumes rich in proteins, such as peas, oats, and sunflower, they extrude them (I see you smirking, bad person) with a technique from a science fiction film, add a little vitamin B12 that is always welcome and, in some products, also natural marinades.

They only use European ingredients, are shortening the supply chain more and more, and everything, including energy, is designed with a circular economy perspective.

They work so cleanly and transparently that anyone – even you, if you want – can go to see them, just call them.

Their 100% vegetable products are free from: GMOs, artificial additives, antibiotics, hormones, soy, and gluten.


If you want to eat their products even at home and with a 10% discount, go to their online shop and use the code GROOVE10. It always works.


Is it perhaps a fearsome enemy of Thor?

We would like to tell you a story a little richer in thunder, biceps, and hammers, but it is much simpler than that.

Heura is a Spanish company that produces plant-based products with zero GMOs, starting from legumes and Mediterranean ingredients such as olive oil.
We buy vegetable burgers and nuggets from them and challenge you to recognize the difference!


It is a Californian startup pioneer in plant-based alternatives to meat.

Thanks to fermented yellow pea proteins (again!) and beetroot, their products have a taste, appearance, and texture very similar to meat, but are 100% plant-based.

They do not contain GMOs, soy, hormones, antibiotics, cholesterol, or gluten.


Often, our friends at the vegan restaurant Jaa Nù, a stone’s throw from Groove Burger in Genoa, artisanally prepare plant-based meatballs for our burgers, with legumes and vegetables that change from season to season.
Those who do not like the taste and texture of meat will love their green burgers.
When the girls are too busy to prepare them, we make them ourselves.


We collaborate with the girls from Vegenova, who are testers of our food.
We participate in their annual festival at the Giardini Luzzati and organize vegan evenings together.
We have learned a lot from them.

We have many other obsessions.