Groove country

Sant’Agata Fossili (Alessandria)

Ristorante, Pizzeria and village Bar

He lives in a house, a very big house in the country

Opened in 2022 in the Tortona countryside, it has become our good retreat for every time we want to regenerate.
It comes from our desire as Genoese to change the scene, to escape from the rhythms and schemes of the city. And it comes from the interest in the food and wine of a territory so close and so distant from our comfort zone.

We are trying to make a dream pizza (and not only) in the heart of the most authentic hills of Piedmont. It’s a challenge we’re trying to win with the usual ingredients: passion for simple but quality food in an authentic and sincere environment… naturally without ever taking ourselves too seriously!

But Groove Country isn’t just about food: it’s also a get-together project. We want to be like a large village square, lived and enjoyed by all ages, at any time of the day.

Here you find a light, slow tempo. You find that good air of green hills. And strong bonds.

What’s on the Menu

Wood-fired pizzas, leavened for two days and filled in a classic or creative way. We like them with an important crust, overflowing with everything, but also digestible. Some fillings are seasonal, others with local ingredients.

We prepare contemporary burgers in the style of those for which we are loved in Genoa.

And then we cook at full speed, classic and substantial recipes, with some creative twist. All made with our holy and super fresh hands, with many local ingredients. Which is also easy: the Tortona area is full of goodies.


What to drink

In the county of #Derthonashire, wine practically flows from the taps, and it is spectacular. Could we not have a space selection all local?
And even with the beer, this land kissed by joy does not joke, so we have 8 artisanal beers on tap, as well as countless bottles, including our blanche in collaboration with Birrificio della Granda.
We have our post-meal liqueurs shipped from Genoa because we cannot give up Amaro Camatti.
In the bar area, on the other hand, you can drink everything, at all hours, at all ages: from coffee to fruit juices for snacks, from aperitifs to after-dinner cocktails.

Our classics

Scroll through the gallery to discover them

Creative pizzas

also seasonal


original and contemporary recipes


with cocktails and appetizers

Plant based

vegetarian and vegan burgers

local recipes

with a twist

Classic pizzas

but well made



Themed evenings

Carpe diem, baby

Every Tuesday there is the “yummy” evening, where you can eat all the pizzas you want: at a fixed low price, you can have “everything-you-can-eat.”
When we feel like it, we also organize special events and menus, especially during the holidays or during those of the Pro Loco of Sant’Agata.

What you can find here

Country Bar

Open from morning to evening, a point of reference for the people of Sant’Agata. You can have breakfast, snack, buy ice cream, read the newspaper, play cards, chat, drink shots, play football. All around a mural by Drina & Giulio Gol dedicated to the local hero, Fausto Coppi, in addition to posters and cycling photos: we are in the land of serious bicycles!


Are we in Los Angeles perhaps? It seems so, but there is more greenery.
Because it can be warm in summer in Derthona. And because an aperitif on a deck chair by the pool is something not to be missed.

Indoor tables

There are many covered seats, and we have intimate and romantic tables as well as mega tables, perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, and oceanic parties.

Outdoor tables

Outside, there is also a covered veranda, to avoid the sun and rain.

Play and sports area

A garden where children can graze, stretch, and have fun. And, all around, a basketball court and a soccer field for romping around at any age. How do they work?

Relaxation areas

Plenty of space to play cards, chat, and hang out. We are like a village square.

Famous for:

The monstrously competitive table football championships
The bathroom with wild writings
The microscopic vegetable garden, forget Enrico Crippa!

Famous for:

The monstrously competitive table football championships
The bathroom with wild writings
The microscopic vegetable garden, forget Enrico Crippa!










Our flours

We have chosen the semi-wholemeal Antiqua stone-ground by Molino Bongiovanni, which is local, sustainable, and fair. And the taste is amazing.

Where and When

groove burger

Via alla Fontana 1, Sant’Agata Fossili (Alessandria)

Infos and reservations:
phone / whatsapp 375 7071616

Opening hours

Open every day, from 12 to 3 pm and from 7 pm to 12 am

Do you want to take something away?

Do you want to take something away?