We can be heroes


Since 2018, we have joined the #targetplasticfree project by Worldrise Onlus: we do not use disposable plastic.


All the water we serve is tap water or in Wami cans, which offsets the water footprint with environmental projects and uses sustainable packaging.


We encourage the use of water bottles, we also have our own with our logo.


We deliver and shop with electric scooters.


We support the activities of Fridays for Future.


We support local charity initiatives such as Genova Cleaner, Sustainable Citizens, Alemante Friends, and the Pietro Santini Association.


We were the first restaurant in Genoa to add plant-based meat to our menu because we love the planet. Today, at Groove Burger, we have reached the fifty-fifty goal: half of the dishes we serve are plant-based.


We dress up as Greta Thunberg for fun.


Lookin’ for a complication

The criteria we use to choose recipes and ingredients are:

sophistication and creativity

Lumpfish roe, whiskey vinegar, nori seaweed, fruit, fermented vegetables… we’ve put just about everything in our burgers and on our pizzas. We enjoy experimenting with unusual ingredients and surprising combinations. We also play with colors and anything that makes you say gulp: from the all-black bun to the two-tone bun to the one inspired by Banksy.

freshness and seasonality

As much as possible, we work with fresh ingredients to preserve their potential. Seasonality reigns supreme with us: you won’t find broccoli in August or peaches in January.
When we can, we buy local and we have a mini garden in front of Groove Country, and we steal lemons from our in-laws.

innovation and study

Is there a new ingredient on the market? We get excited and immediately want it! From cashew cheese to pea protein meat, we try new things, study them, experiment with combinations, and build a world around them. We dare to be pioneers, but above all, we are reckless.


Whole lotta love

We love collaborating with other businesses and participating in events to have fun.
We are part of the Contatto network of restaurants in the historic center of Genoa, with whom we participate in many initiatives (with a clear preference for Birralonga). We have participated in the Vegenova festival, the Street Food Festival, and the Ocean Race setup in Genoa.
We have a relationship of love and reverence with the Malkovich Secret Bar, while the Antico Forno Patrone and Raviolhouse supply us with bread and fried ravioli.
In Sant’Agata Fossili, we collaborate with the Pro Loco and we are proudly a gathering place for the community.


Under pressure

We are beer lovers. When we can, we visit independent breweries in search of new beers. We have many of them in our restaurants, and they change regularly.
We also have our own beer, a light blanche made for us by Birrificio della Granda, with three different labels illustrated by Genoese street artists: Stevo, Rois One, Drina, and Giulio Gol.

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