How are restaurants like

The Groove Style

But I’m a creep / I’m a weirdo

In our restaurants, different foods are cooked and the contexts are quite different, but they all have some common points:


a post-industrial style, with hand-welded iron by us, wood, references to street art, and musical posters’ décollage. A bit punk, a bit grunge: it’s us.


Young, easy, self-deprecating staff.


Sustainable choices.


Dishes for every choice: omnivores, vegetarians, and completely plant-based.


Lots of independent beers, even on rotation.


A calm and well-groomed atmosphere, but not pretentious.


Rock music in the background, with a preference for that of the 90s.


Rebel, rebel

Groove Burger

in Genoa

Groove Country

Sant’Agata Fossili (AL)